3 Essential Ingredients to Save A Dying Marriage [Video]-CHOOSEday


3 Essential Ingredients to Save A Dying Marriage Dr. Jeffrey Kane – 

Love!  We all need it, we all want it, and it’s one of those key ingredients in saving a dying marriage.  I learned so much in this webinar, but especially about how and why I felt so numb after my marriage ended.  I learned that feeling numb was my body’s way of protecting me from the pain I was gong through.  Knowing what it was and why I felt it made me feel better and allowed me to move forward in my life, and in my next love.  But HOW you love is important.  Here is how it’s broken down

  • Like – do you “like” your partner?
  • Open Minded – can things be different in your relationship?  Are you even open to it?
  • Vulnerable – can you be vulnerable with your partner? Are you willing to be?
  • Empathy – listening and trying to connect with your partner wherever they are.

We have to work at our relationship better! Share your feelings, be open, be vulnerable!   We have to set intentions for our next relationship, for it to be the best one, the most considerate one, the one with the best communication.  It’s all up to us. We have to set an intention to make our next relationship great!  There is so much for us to know, and I hope you will watch this webinar with Dr. Jeff Kane.   It can change your life, your current relationship or the one just waiting for you around the corner!  You will be better prepared, and ready to have the relationship of your dreams!  I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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