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Here’s the million dollar question;  How to you start your life over after your divorce, and get it right the next time?  When I say start your “life” life over, what I really mean is how do you start to “live” a new life?  And yes, I mean starting a new love-life too! So I took that question to our special guest today Stephanie’s Stanford, a relationship expert as well as a life coach. Stephanie gave us so much advice an information as well as tips and techniques on how we can start to live a life of love  and joy, and even bringing in a new special someone into that picture, but this time we do it right! (phew!)

Here are a few notes how you can start living a new light after your divorce. These are techniques that you can bring it into a new relationship, a new way of living, a new job, whatever!  These three steps will get you well on your way to starting over and getting it right this time:

 3 Steps To Starting Over and Getting it RIGHT next time!

  1. Healing ~ here is a really nice acronym for the word heal (Helping Elevate All Learning) that’s right, healing comes from learning. We have been through some very powerful life journeys, and we need to take the lessons and use that to bring us to the new space we wish to create for our lives. The first thing we need to do is to be okay with how we are feeling. Someone once said you can’t rush the flowers growth, neither can we rush the process of healing, But we can completely be in control if we are consistently working on our self. Lesson one is to journal about your feelings. Hold nothing back!  If you need to cuss and scream in your journal, then by all means do it and get it out there. Get it off of your mind and let it out. You know how good it feels once you really let your feelings out (maybe a conversation with someone about how something made you feel)?  That’s the kind of feeling you need to have once you’ve journaled. Get everything out and on paper. Burn it if you have to, throw it away if you have to,  keep it if you want to refer to how far you’ve come one day.
    1. Write down your beliefs around your past relationship
    2. Write down what you WANT to believe for the future!
    3. Be open ~ after you’ve been through the healing process, and you’re starting to look for a new relationship, or a new “start” somewhere, don’t be quick to judge!  Like they always said, don’t judge a book by it’s cover!  Think outside of your old box and try something new!  If you are looking for a new relationship, make sure you look for a best friend before you start looking for a spouse.  There is nothing sexier than a relationship with someone that has their own life and their own experiences, so do that!  Have your  own life and learn to love being with you first!
  2.  Know your non-negotiables ~ choose better! If you are looking for something that works for you, make a list of those things that you want in the next phase of your life.  Make sure you have 5 to 7 deal breakers. In other words things that you cannot and will not live with or without next time!  This may be something like religion, smoking, respect, appreciation, and lifestyle.  Just remember to be flexible on the negotiables!

Stephanie has made us a very special offer, and that’s a free book entitled “The Needs Men Have, but Don’t Talk About”!  She recommends it as reading for both men and women!  You’ll find out how to get your free copy in our video!

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