7 Secrets to Guilt Free Living After Divorce


7 Secrets To Guilt Free Living After Divorce!

CHOOSEday with Patty Kogutek Ed.D.

How guilty would you feel if you actually divorced God?  Is there anything that could take you to that point?  How would you get passed THAT guilt?  You see, when you take the vow to be a nun, you actually marry Jesus!  You wear a wedding dress, take a vow and wear a ring…until you realize that you made a mistake.  Our guest today did just that…she wore the dress, she wore the ring and she walked down the aisle.  Seven years later, she realized she had made a terrible mistake.  But how did she get past all that guilt?

We have a wonderful teacher this week, on CHOOSEday is former nun Patty Kogutek, author and inspirational teacher.   Patty takes us on the journey to the 7 secrets to living a guilt free life!

Here are some cliff notes but make sure you take a listen and order her book, “A Change of Habit”! 

Secret 1: Don’t religion get in the way of your relationship with God. If you do things to please others , we go into guilt free behaviors…rituals that we don’t believe in…and procrastiation!  God wants you to be happy…God speaks to you through your emotions. The closer you are to God the happier you are!!!  And listen to those VIBES that are coming from your God for you  “Voices of Intentional Beckoning Emotions”…

Secret 2: Life is not a matter of chance, but of choices we make a long the way. When you are in a situation, we DO have power…we do have choices.

Secret 3: You can’t steal second base util you take your foot off first. Get out there, get uncomfortable…second base is happiness. Use your best judgement….like the baseball runner… who looks at the wind, the catcher…and friends may pull away because you are changing…Decide;  what is your perfect happiness, what do you have to do to get there? and what can you let go of, and what do you want to keep?

Secret 4: Don’t worry about making a good decision; instead make a decision good. Keep your eyes on the prize…on the end…what you want…what is best for you..follow your heart…

Secret 5: Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.

Secret 6: When the student is ready the teacher will appear.  And your teacher may be you!  Your teacher may show up in the strangest places, so get ready!

Secret 7: Happiness is not a gift, but a skill.  You can learn to be happy!  You can practice being happy and you can actually change your world.  Be proactive in your happiness.  Set yourself up for smiles, for joy and look for the positive side in everything!

Enjoy the webinar!  It’s full of GREAT ways to make your life better!

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