A Divorce Attorney’s Advice for Those about to go through the Emotional Challenges of Divorce-CHOOSEday


There are many things you should know about when filing for divorce and that is what the emotional impact of divorce can do to you as you prepare yourself for what is ahead in the divorce process.  In this webinar, ” Confessions From a Former Divorce Attorney”, Sonia Quertal, a former family law attorney from Boston, Massachusetts, give us some advice on how you can best prepare yourself mentally, so that you can get through this process, saving you time, saving you money and saving your sanity!

Why Sonia on the subject of the emotional side of the divorce process? Because, not only does Sonia have her law degree, she also has a degree in psychology so she is keenly aware of the emotional side of divorce.  Take a list at around 16:35 for some tips on what you can do to lessen the pain of the divorce process.  This is definitely worth a listen!

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