Divorce Court Day! What You can expect when you go to divorce court -Confessions of a Former Divorce Attorney; DivorceRX


Do your knees shake at the thought of what your very first day in front of your judge for your divorce will be like? Does your stomach turn somersaults thinking about what will happen, how you will feel, what to expect?  In this quick webinar with our former divorce attorney turned amazing divorce coach Sonia Queralt, we go over what you can expect, STEP BY STEP! You will know what you need to bring, and how you can expect to feel…but best of all, we give you tips on how to make it easier for you!  

Like this tip:  When you need to talk to your attorney when you are standing up in front of your judge, BRING A LEGAL PAD AND CALMLY (remember, the judge is watching you, so DO NOT get frantic when your ex says something that is a lie…be as cool as a cucumber)  write it down, and hand the entire legal pad discreetly to your attorney.  It’s done all the time, you won’t be doing something that isn’t expected, or seen each and every day!    If it is not important, let it wait.  Your attorney needs to focus,(your attorney is on YOUR side)  without distractions, so let your attorney do his/her thing!

There are so MANY more tips in this video and we hope it will help calm your nerves so that you are PREPARED for your day in divorce court!

About Sonia

Attorney Sonia Queralt is the founder of Divorceify, a multi-disciplinary concierge service that provides customized coaching, strong support, resources and organization to those who feel overwhelmed by the logistics and shock of the divorce process.

Divorceify’s mission is to empower people navigating through a divorce.  The goal is to maximize results and prepare clients to emerge and succeed in their new life.  Whether the goal is to obtain custody, receive alimony, or achieve other specific goals, Divorceify helps clients achieve their goals.

Ms. Queralt founded Divorceify to create a safe, confidential space for clients to receive the support they need as they go through their divorce. Divorceify zeros in on what clients need and helps them get it. Aided by expert strategy and resources, clients will get the most out of the divorce process, while maintaining a focus on achieving their goals.  They will also have support to draw the courage and strength to re-create their lives post-divorce.

Ms. Queralt brings expertise, practicality and compassion to her clients and their families.  She is a detail-oriented problem-solver who understands the legal nuances of the divorce process. She has a deep understanding of the emotional effect that divorce has on everyone involved, and she is passionate about getting people through the process as whole as possible.

If you have questions, you can join our membership and log into our very private Facebook group and ask any of our experts for their advice and counsel about the divorce process and even for healing and moving on.  Join us today by clicking here:  Membership Registration

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