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I know I know, the thought of filing for divorce, the thought of all that paperwork, the thought of going in front of the judge, it can be scary and intimidating! Here are just a few things we learned on today’s DivorceRx webinar with former divorce attorney Sonia Queralt.


  1. What information and documents you will  need to fill out the complaint and initial divorce documents;
    • Marriage Certificate – You may ask for an extension if you need to get a copy from the county you were married in.
    • Resume last name? It’s a decision you’ll need to make, and an emotional one!  Read my article about my own journey to reclaiming my maiden name here: How Changing My Name Taught Me Who I Am
    • All property deeds – bring those that are in both of your names as well as those in just yours or your exes.
    • Your children’s birth dates
    • The Standard initial forms (complaint, affidavit disclosing care or custody, uniform counsel form, etc)
  2. What happens once the divorce is filed?
  • You will receive a Summons (with official seal) and service
  • Your ex will be served by a disinterested party over 18 years of age
  • Your ex will receive a copy of all of your paperwork that you filed.

3. Upcoming court date if motions for temporary orders were filed; these are some examples of why a temporary motion can be filed with the court on your behalf or that of your spouse;

  • Motion to vacate the home
  • Motion for child support
  • Motion for custody

4. Your financial statement must be completed and updated before your court hearing

5.  Preparing for court

  • You will have a meeting with your attorney prior to court.  Don’t hold back ANY of the details.  I promise you that your story is not the worst one, or most embarrassing one your attorney has heard. The bottom line is that your attorney needs to know EVERYTHING if he/she is going to fight for you.
  • You will go over the goals of that day’s session.  If you are there for custody issues, don’t take the session off track by discussing any indiscretions, lies, cheating or other things that may waylay the proceedings.  Keep your eye on the goal and keep moving!
  • Read over all documents that will be filed with the Court on that day (motions, affidavits)  Make sure you are getting what you need and that the details are accurate.
  • Gather important documents and provide them to your attorney.  More is better than not enough, because not enough may be the difference between getting what you want and getting what the paperwork says you deserve.
  • One the day before your trial, contact the courthouse, judge, and find out the time of your Court hearing (all logistics)  Find out where you are meeting your attorney…and plan on an entire day at the courthouse.  Even if you have a 9AM hearing…so does everyone else!  Bring candies, snacks and water.  You’ll be nervous, and that can cause dry mouth.
  • Be emotionally ready, because you will more than likely see your spouse.  You may want to bring tissues, too.
  • Lastly (for this article anyway!) get a good night’s sleep!  You can read about tips to help you calm your mind and sleep like a baby here: Learn to quiet your mind and sleep like a baby TONIGHT

Join us each Wednesday evening for “Confessions of a Former Divorce Attorney” where we go through everything you need to know about filing for, and finishing up your divorce in the court system. You will find this is the best way to save yourself time, money and your sanity!


About Sonia

Attorney Sonia Queralt is the founder of Divorceify, a multi-disciplinary concierge service that provides customized coaching, strong support, resources and organization to those who feel overwhelmed by the logistics and shock of the divorce process.

Divorceify’s mission is to empower people navigating through a divorce.  The goal is to maximize results and prepare clients to emerge and succeed in their new life.  Whether the goal is to obtain custody, receive alimony, or achieve other specific goals, Divorceify helps clients achieve their goals.

Ms. Queralt founded Divorceify to create a safe, confidential space for clients to receive the support they need as they go through their divorce. Divorceify zeros in on what clients need and helps them get it. Aided by expert strategy and resources, clients will get the most out of the divorce process, while maintaining a focus on achieving their goals.  They will also have support to draw the courage and strength to re-create their lives post-divorce.

Ms. Queralt brings expertise, practicality and compassion to her clients and their families.  She is a detail-oriented problem-solver who understands the legal nuances of the divorce process. She has a deep understanding of the emotional effect that divorce has on everyone involved, and she is passionate about getting people through the process as whole as possible.


If you have questions, you can join our membership and log into our very private Facebook group and ask any of our experts for their advice and counsel about the divorce process and even for healing and moving on.  Join us today by clicking here:  Membership Registration

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