Create Your Vision for Your Future after divorce



CHOOSEday with Lucinda Cross


When you think about your life, your future, and the future of your children, what do you think about?  If you had to dream of the perfect life for yourself and your family, what would that look like a year from now?  How about 5 years from now?   Join me and Lucinda Cross, a nationally renowned speaker on how to create and ACTIVATE on the vision you create for yourself.    Here are a few of her suggestions:

  • Close your eyes, and truly dream for yourself.   I know it’s hard to do and you may be in this crazy “fog” that I was in for a few years.  It was difficult to even think about my next 10 minutes, much less a year or a decade later.   If this is you, I want you to know with absolute certainty, you WILL get passed this, and you WILL be able to live a wonderful and fulfilling life.
  • Where do you want to live?  What does it look like?  A house, a condo or a townhouse?
  • How is it decorated?  Contemporary? Classic?  French Provincial?
  • Where are your children?  Home, away at school, living on their own?
  • What are you driving?  A Ford, a Chrysler, a Mercedes?
  • Who are you with?  Are you loving being alone or are you sharing your life with someone special?

The important part of the process is for you to dream your life, and then put it on a life board!  Here is what you need:

  • magazines (your favorites with places you’d like to visit, decor you’d like to have, homes you’d like to live in, clothes you’d like to wear!)
  • glue sticks
  • markers
  • scissors
  • decorations (stickers, embellishments, etc)
  • photos

Cut out the photos and pictures that speak to your heart.  Cut out words that leap off the page and scream about your future life!  Use those glue sticks, and paste them all over your vision board (your poster board!)  Keep it in view!  Review it every day.  Focus on the life you want!  Keep your dream in front of you each time you enter your closet, or your kitchen, or your bedroom.  Engage your children to be a part of it and work towards the goal of acquiring each item on your board.

Remember these words;  “When you want something, the universe will conspire on your behalf to make it happen”.  You just have to be clear about what you want!

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