Finding LOVE after divorce! pt. 2 How to make great decisions that lead to a GREAT relationship


Finding the Love of Your Life part 2

CHOOSEday with  Gladys Diaz and Michelle Roza of Hearts Desire Intl

If you are challenged with the idea of finding love again after your divorce, we want you to know that you are not alone! And most importantly we want you to know that you are important!

In our second webinar in the series on finding love after divorce, we want you to know a few things;

  • You don’t have to be completely healed to move on
  • Give yourself permission to love and to be loved again
  • You don’t have to stop loving someone else to love someone else….there is room

It sometimes takes a long hard look at ourselves to see where we are and see how stuck we are!  Being stuck sometimes means being comfortable.  Moving forward can be scary, because it involves change, and change comes with fears and doubts.  It’s in those difficult moments that true breakthroughs begin!

At times, you’ll be feeling the loss of your trust, your intuition, and your ability to make good decisions.  There is so much that I learned about the process of loss, and the emotions that come along with it. Believe it or not with lost come with the blood brain changes, searching your emotions. And that crying from sadness actually releases a hormone called prolactin which is a stress hormone!  Imagine that! All those times that crying came up, and you tried to fight them back you never knew it was your bodies way of releasing the stress right?

I hope you enjoy this webinar with Gladys Diaz and Michelle Roza about how you can find love after divorce.  You can find it, and you don’t have to do it alone.  If you have questions for Gladys, or Michelle, just become a part of our community by joining us in membership.  You can have access to experts like relationship, life and motivational speakers, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, mental health counselors, realtors, insurance, and mortgage experts! Join today and get your questions answered!

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