Judgement day: What your day in front of a judge will look like.


It’s JUDGEment day…what your day in front of your divorce judge will look like

DivorceRx with Judge Sexton

I think the scariest part of the divorce process for me was the thought of going in front of my family law judge.  Why?  I have no idea.  It’s just the thought of it that had me off my game.  I was nervous, a bit scared, and afraid of the unknown.  Being scared of the unknown GIVES the unknown WAYYYY too much power.  That’s why I wanted you to meet an active judge, from the west coast of Florida, Judge Susan Sexton.  In our video, Susan will help you KNOW the unknown so that YOU will have the power.  You will find out that;

  • judges are human beings, too, and are not scary monsters!
  • you need to dress for the outcome you want (hint; dress in clean attire!  It matters!)
  • you need to be on time
  • you need to have a good partner in your lawyer
  • you need to have the required documents completed on time

There is so much more on this video.  What I hope you will walk away with the most is knowing that you don’t have to be scared of the process.  I want you to know this is just the ending of a business contract with your ex.  Your judge wants to do the right thing by you and your children, so give him or her the information and the impression he/she needs to give you the outcome that you want!

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