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How do you raise your children without your ex?

How do you co-parent when your ex won’t?  According to Karen Becker, child and family expert, the answer is “Give and Take”, but realizes that sometimes we have an ex that simply isn’t “there” as a parent.  In this wonderful DivorceRx video, you’ll find some amazing information on how you can get through a divorce without a co-parent without feeling bitter, and with getting the validation you need as a good parent, despite not having a co-parent for your children.

We discussed the top 5 biggest adjustment factors for children

  • The relationship between parent
  • parental access
  • their age (maturity)
  • their gender
  • their temperament

We also discussed the stages of grief (you will feel that after your divorce, not only for yourself, but for your children:

  • Shock/denial
  • guilt
  • anger
  • bargaining/depression
  • hope
  • acceptance

Karen shares how you can be your own validator, how to create affirmations that matter, and so much more! Take a listen now!

About Karen

Karen Becker is not just a Divorce Coach or Life Coach.  She is a Family Coach who has spent years working with individuals and couples, one-on-one and in groups. She has helped many parents find the humor and happiness as they navigate the unpredictable job that is parenting and co-parenting.  Her practice also includes helping clients rebuild their lives after a divorce.  Karen has authored several books including “Co-Parenting When Your Ex Won’t” and “Mindset”.  She can be reached through her website [], Facebook [], Instagram [], or Twitter [@momandtherapist].

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