Online Dating After Divorce…things you MUST know before you write your profile!


CHOOSEday with Laurie Davis

As an on line dater, I will swear that the information you will be seeing in this webinar will change how you show up on line!  How do I know?  Because Laurie Davis helped ME write a better profile, and she gives the right advice for you to write a great profile, engage the RIGHT kind of person, and how YOU can stay safe as you do it.

The first time you consider on-line dating, you first have to ask yourself if you are even ready to date.  You may be divorced legally, but are you divorced emotionally?   And while you don’t have to be completely “over” your ex, you do need to be far enough away that a new relationship has the opportunity to blossom.   Are you ready?  Have you done the work you need to do to be able to move to a new life?

If you’re ready, first things first.  Where do you go?  What sites are out there for you?  Boy oh boy, there are a TON of sites, but at first, Laurie recommends you try one of the larger, well known sites, like, EHarmony, ChristianMingle, JDate, OKCupid or PlentyOfFish. All have their strengths and all have their weaknesses, but all of them have a large pool of possibilities!  You can try the more niched ones later.  (there are sites for body builders, out door campers, ivy league educated, and so much more, but more of that later!)

Ok, so you found a site, what’s next?   Your profile!  This is where I messed up before I got a chance to talk to Laurie!  My profile was so general that it appealed to everyone EXCEPT the ones that I wanted to talk to!  That’s right!  I was getting every Tom Dick but not HARRY!  (and I wanted Harry!)   Oh yes, and I had WAY too many photos!  You need just 5-7 pics.  Here is what you need to look for:

  • Two pics of your face, WITHOUT sunglasses, preferably smiling
  • One full body shot, so that they can see what you look like from tip to toe.
  • 2-4 lifestyle shots.  If you like to fish, put a pic of you fishing.  Do you love skiing?  Post a pic of you flying down the mountain.  Skydiving?  You know that picture will be awesome!

Do you see what we are trying to do here?  We are trying to get you to get specific with what you want!  By posting pics of you doing what you love, it will resonate with someone out there that says “I WANT TO DO THAT!”

Do you like comedies and not scary movies?  Then say that!  Do you like something specific that you would like to share with a special someone? Then put it in your profile.  You have to let those looking KNOW what you want, so that the right one, the one that says “that’s ME!” to email you!

Oh yes, and your profile should be 3 paragraphs long…two about you and one about your match!

Lastly, about security…NEVER post your address, or other information that you wouldn’t share with complete strangers!  Never give anyone your credit card information, and don’t reply to people asking for help or money.  Also, when you are ready to meet someone, meet in a very public place.  Lastly, there is real value in keeping your conversations on the site that you are on.  You can report someone for misconduct or just being a creep, but you can’t do it if there is no record of it on their site, so stay there until you feel absolutely comfortable with the person you are conversing with.

Oh wait!  One more thing!  There is now jewelry you can wear with GPS tracking devices that have a button on them that will alert a friend or family member that you’ve put on your list, should you find yourself in trouble.  If they don’t answer, it will automatically call 911. It’s a great thing and I will be purchasing one.  Take a look at a company called Cuff.

I hope you will find love on line.  I have met some wonderful people, and I know you can too!  You have to be patient, but the more specific you are, the better your results will be!

Good luck!!

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