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Remember that first night alone after you figured out that your marriage was over? Did you feel lost? Did you feel that instead of ending a relationship you were ending a business contract? Divorce can cause all sorts of side effects including depression, anxiety, drug abuse, health problems, isolation and so much more!

Where you were one time two people that made an “US” , you are now a “ME”. And you know what? Being ME can be absolutely fabulous (and don’t let yourself think any differently!) Take a listen to this wonderful DivorceRX™  webinar video, with my special guest, Sofia Robirosa, a licensed therapist from Plantation, Florida, and learn how you can go from being an us, to being a whole, healthy, and vibrant me! (and you can log into our very private Facebook group and ask Sofia YOUR questions any time!)


When you were a part of a couple, many things that you did, and even the stuff that you gave up, were done for the sake of “the couple”. Sacrifices that you may have made, Friends that you may have given up, activities that you may have loved but let go of… you can have all of that back again!!  Take this time and make a list of all of the things you loved to do before you were married, make a list of the people that you would like to reconnect with!  Is there a job or career path that you would like to pursue now that you are no longer limited?  How about your religious affiliation or beliefs? And thinking bigger than that; what about your own life’s purpose or your own goals? The list of getting back to you starts with thinking of what YOU want, the life that YOU can CHOOSE for yourself!   Make a list and go for it!  This next chapter is all yours!  YOU design the title, you design the content!  YOU get to decide!  GO FOR IT!

We hope you enjoy this webinar, as we take you on a journey to develop a wonderful new you after divorce!

About Sofia

Sofia Robirosa is a Relationship Expert that has a passion to help people transform their lives and relationships. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Plantation, FL. To learn more about her, visit her website: Infinite Therapeutic Services

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