Tea Cups Tantrums & Tactics, the British Lawyers Guide to Saving You Thousands In Your Divorce-DivorceRx


Tea Cups Tantrums & Tactics, the British Lawyers Guide to Saving You Thousands In Your Divorce


There are 3 C’s that you must have BEFORE you go through the process of filing for divorce, IF you want to have the results that you’d like, and save you THOUSANDS of dollars in the process.  Thanks to “barrister turned divorce coach” in jolly ole England, Emma Heptonstall, we now know some amazing mindsets that you MUST have in order to have a beneficial outcome.
Well, I have to make a correction…there’s actually 4 things that you need to do, and the first thing you MUST do, once you’ve decided that divorce is inevitable, is to do absolutely NOTHING.  You must let it land in your body, so it can sink in a bit…it’s hard to do, I know.  But having it settled will make the following much better, much easier and certainly much more favorable for your outcome.
So, now that it’s settled in, (well, as best as it’s going to)  there are 3 more things that you must do or have to prepare for the transition of your divorce;
  1. CLARITY – You must be CLEAR about what you want out of this at the end of it all.  And by that, I mean money, living arrangements, children, employment, that sort of thing.  It’s okay not to be clear about these things, but IT’S NOT OKAY TO START NEGOTIATING WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT!   I hope I made myself clear.  You will lose if you are uncertain, and have no expectation, so take your time, but get clear about what you want after all of this is over.
  2. COMMUNICATION – prepare yourself emotionally for some difficult conversations.  No you’re figures, and by that I mean know the amount of money that you will be asking for, and know the reasons for it not just the justification for it. Happy ability to compromise, and recognize that your ex will have financial needs as well. Most of all, become great at active listening.
  3. COLLABORATION – ask yourself, is it possible for me to collaborate? The best situations come from a great collaboration, and a great collaboration comes from both parties being reasonable, and making sure the outcome is good (or as good as can be) for both parties.

If you have questions of Emma or any of our experts, please join our community and meet us on our private facebook group page, where you can ask questions of ANY of our experts. It’s an amazing benefit to our membership.  I hope you will take the time to reach out to us there and ask any of our experts for their advice and counsel about the divorce process and even for healing and moving on.  Join us today by clicking here:  Membership Registration

There is so much in this webinar, and I hope you will take the time to watch it, and plan on taking some notes!  Emma came packed with information for you!  If you are in the US, you will still get an amazing amount of information out of this webinar.  The ideas are universal and it will get you prepared for your transition.

Emma Heptonstall The Divorce Alchemist is a former lawyer, now working as a Family Mediator and Divorce Coach.  A certified MBit Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, Emma believes that it is possible to have a good divorce.
The key is good organization, planning and recognizing that it will be emotionally more challenging than you imagine, even if divorce is your idea.
Emma works with women to help them evaluate what it is that they want from their divorce and how to achieve it whilst remaining true to themselves and respecting their spouse.  She has featured in Marie Claire Magazine and on SheOwnsit.com.


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