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How to help your teens survive divorce

Who knew that having your teen “debate” you was actually good for their brain? NOT ME! I thought he was just being difficult.  Now, after our DivorceRx webinar with Lina Acosta Sandaal, childhood development expert of The Nest Miami, explains the differences between what is in their development and what is just plain old difficult.  Brain growth and neurological changes and shifts are the “behind the scenes” things that will be explained in this webinar, and how that growth and those changes cause some of the behaviors that we may see as “oh it’s because of the divorce”, when in all actuality, it’s because of the areas of the brain that are growing during these periods!  Lina explains how the brain has two major times in our lives where there are major neurological shifts and growth happening; the first is from 0-5, and then again from 12 to about 24…the brain is open for learning new things and growing!  AND your teens brain shift and neurological shift means they need the same amount of sleep as a toddler!  Brain growth requires them to sleep, so they are NOT lazy, they are growing!  And as the pre-frontal cortex grows, and because of the neurological growth happening in their brain, it needs debate (it’s not arguing).  Boy of boy is my son going to have the world’s largest pre-frontal cortex!  Novelty seeking (experimenting with other ideas) is just the reward center of their brain.  We want to direct our children to novelty seek and not risk take! (drugs, sex, trouble)  Giving our children the opportunity to live and develop their brain, while allowing good behaviors (and sometimes challenging behaviors). I hope you will enjoy this webinar, and plan on taking notes!




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