The Gray Divorce


Liz BeckerDe Dealing with divorce at any age is never and easy process. There are unique trials and tribulations that one may experience when going through divorce later in life, however. Once of the main challenges is regaining one’s independence. After so many years of having a spouse to depend on for certain duties and responsibilities, autonomy can feel strange at first. This shift from a sense of coupled enmeshment to singled independence can be quite scary, but at the same time truly exhilarating.

Now is the time for you to embrace the benefit of finally being able to learn and do all those things you always wanted to but never had the chance to. The freedom to focus on yourself and the things that make you happy is the key to moving forward. Although you may feel stuck and lost when going through this tough time, making happiness seem out of reach, you must look into yourself and access those inner resources, skills, and abilities you used before to overcome past obstacles and apply it to this new circumstance. Once upon a time you took charge and chose where your life was headed and you were able to lead yourself in the right direction. Take that knowledge and experience to decide what you want and how to get it now.

We all have the power within us to achieve this. What supports success is being proactive; establishing the life you want and taking the steps necessary to make it happen. By creating opportunity rather than setting limitations you will find that nothing is impossible. The key is accepting that it is time for change and that you must do what is necessary to during this transition in order to embrace your new life.

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