These Four Words


Many people don’t know that I know the grief of losing a child.  It’s not something I talk about often but it is a part of my life that has shaped who I am today.  My daughter would have been 28 years old. Through God’s grace & the sheer will to live, I’m still here.   Grief like that is VERY PRIVATE & often indescribable.   However, my close friends knew these four words “sorry for your loss” in the strangest way made me feel lighter ~ even if for a moment.

DIVORCE can feel the same way.  I know this feeling too.  Whether you were married for 14 years or 14 months or 14 days the pain is private and indescribable.  Add to what you already can’t explain;  embarrassment, shame, hopelessness, anger, discouragement, sadness, fear and the list goes on and on.

Yet when you encounter someone who understands what you have been through because they have been through it,  the load feels lighter.  There is something about knowing “it happened to someone else”.  Beyond this shared experience however is the acknowledgement of the experience of divorce.

I share this to encourage you that God can turn your pain into purposeful living! It happened for me & it can be your truth as well.   I acknowledge your pain, trauma, shame, embarrassment, dream deferred of a loving happy marriage and all that goes with it.  I have no judgment.  It was simply a lesson to make you a more awesome person.  For now I want you to know that you are not alone and I offer you these four words: SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS!


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