Today I LOVE my life!


I’ve grown and morphed into a fuller and far more vibrant ME!!!

I have two healthy children who appreciate what we have, what they have.

I now have a great business that is growing and a fantastic “second job” as a fine arts painter (I am currently looking forward to my work being represented in a great gallery this summer!!!).

I purchased a home that is both sanctuary and oasis.

I’ve also stepped into the role as an inspirational speaker/writer (as a hobby, who has the time to do it ALL?!!?) and oh, I sing in my spare time!

It’s not always easy but it IS always better then marriage gone sour.

The goal is well being. Things like honesty, courage and humor are great guides.

Dare to live as your authentic self, the journey to find what that means is unique to each.

I often suggest, “aim high, figure it out along the way, it WILL be there”, or simply, “shhh, slow down, breathe….”

I will also say yes,

It has been a long haul.

I won’t lie.

The day I realized, “ there is no other way…divorce IS going to happen”, I felt my world collapse.

The day the divorce was over I felt relief and jubilant.

The day I received the signed papers from the court, down I went…

And it felt like I’d never get up.

I won’t say it was easy, far from it!

My personal circumstances included: my two children were young, they were in first and third grades when “it” was final. I had no real income and almost no child support, I was reeling from the residual issues of an unsafe house and recovering from the aftermath of being connected to a multiple murder, both my parents were quite ill and passed away.

No one to help, just my own determination carried me onward.

Understatement: it was not easy!

What we know deep inside and keep buried has a way of growing large and loud until we have no choice but to pay attention and DO something about it. It’s like getting hit by a 2 x 4!

Once we recognize that knowing begins as wordless, then builds to a quiet knowing until it escalates to that point of no return,  we begin to listen when it’s a whisper in our breath

I began to give attention, honoring my awareness.

I began to listen to the inner voice I’d long ago buried, that voice that tells me what decisions fit for ME, what directions are best for ME, those things that make me feel ALIVE!!!

That’s the beginning!

I learned to digest each day… each long day as opportunity.

Phrases such as, “stepping stones” and “phoenix process” began to take root.

Also true was the magic I was feeling, in-between moments of fear but truly present (if at times barely noticed).

To bring joy and health to life again I added rituals into my daily pattern:

Setting my daily intention. Writing. Yoga. Chanting (sound vibrates yucky feelings out!). Dancing (with the blinds closed, I am gracefully awkward).

Healthy foods.

Each choice is an experiment…some will be great and some will become a great story!!

I learned to self-nurture… and in that found the most delicious nurturing to give my children, my parents and many others!

It feels AMAZING living in the flow of what’s true! Mmnnn, a very welcomed way to find myself after years of distorting who I was as I tried to stay married.

Truth be told, now I really love and believe in myself!

I will protect myself from ever making myself smaller then I am and welcome ALL personal expansion!

Those who are in my inner circle are also on the path of personal growth, where full appreciation is often found and treasured!

About that “phoenix process”, that’s where we’ve been burnt to ashes and RISE up anew with grace, power and gratitude!

I trust life more then ever and with ALL my heart, I see the same for YOU.

Written By Cheryl B. Gluski

Author of “Voice to Voice” found on Facebook,

Freelance Artist

Owner of CBG Artistry, Studio, LLC

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Vicky Townsend is the proud mother of two amazing children, Kristen and Connor, and mother to two incredibly cute, and yet completely ill mannered dauschunds, Alfalfa and Froggy. Vicky is president and CEO of Inspiration University. Through Inspiration University, Vicky is able to help thousands of women across South Florida, grow their businesses, and increase their bottom line profitability. Vicky’s events inspire, motivate and inform women entrepreneurs to be their best and create the life they want. After a series of painful divorces, Vicky’s passion and purpose let her to her newest venture “The Café’ D”, an on line respite site for those that find themselves going through the pain of divorce, providing them with referrals, resources and emotional support at a most difficult time in their lives. She’s also created “National Association of Divorce Professionals”, which connects those in the industry with one another and helps them expand their referral base amongst industry professionals.