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Letting Go…it’s a 3 Step Process with special guest, Gloria Ramirez

Finding happiness is an inside job. No one on the outside can make you happy if on the inside you are a miserable wreck. That’s the lesson that we all have to learn, and the cross we all have to bare after experiencing something tragic and life altering like divorce. There are so many times that I want to kick myself for not doing the work but I needed to do earlier. It’s so funny(funny head scratching kind of funny,  and not ha ha funny) because I have a company, Inspiration University, that put on huge events and we brought  inspiration and motivation experts to hundreds of people at time, and yet I didn’t even think to call upon the same experts when I realized I was in quicksand after my divorce. I am so happy to say that I did finally wake up and realized that I had my own journey to take, in finding my happiness again. That responsibility lies with me and no one else, and it lies within you, and no one else. That’s the truth, the ugly truth of divorce. The good news, is that you can find happiness again and that you can have a life even better than the one you had before! I promise, that you can live a fulfilling and wonderfully happy life, if you’ve just allow yourself to experience it!!!! That’s why I brought in an amazing motivational and inspirational speaker, coach and author,  Gloria Ramirez,  to talk about how to let go of our past and step into the glorious being that you are meant to be. Here are her three steps to letting go of the past;

  1. Recognize – that you need to do the work, and that you are willing to do what it takes to move past this pain.  Here are some tips to making that happen;
    1. Observe your self talk
    2. Pay attention to the stories you tell your self
    3. Be aware of the language you are using. Is it positive or negative? Remember that you only attract what you put out.
  2. Release – you can’t move ahead if you are carrying such a heavy load. All that anger or hate and bitterness that you have towards your ex only keeps you to tie together. Let it go, so you can move into a bright future, light and unencumbered!  Here are some tips on how to do that;
    1. Journal
    2. Read, watch and listen to positive messages and speakers
    3. take classes-learn something you’ve always wanted to learn, try something exciting!
    4. Seek professional help, by way of coaches or therapists.  Don’t go it alone…we have a team to support you here at the Cafe D if you need it.
    5. Develop a deeper faith, no matter what that looks like for you.
  3. Replace – negative thoughts with positive ones
    1. let go of fear and replace it with faith
    2. let go of anger and replace it with love
    3. let go of resentment and replace it with forgiveness
    4. let go of judgement and replace it with praise
    5. let go of criticism and replace it with acceptance

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