Your Life Unlimited! You Get to Choose and Create the Context of You!-CHOOSEday [Video]


Your Life Unlimited! You Get to Choose and Create the Context of You!

Leonie Augustine –

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create  the context of your own life for change? when you were born you were baby, the son or a daughter of, the school boy or girl, the high school grad, The college student, the fiance’, the spouse…. And now what? Now that you are divorced, how do you fit in? How do you find your space? Well the good news is that you get to create your own! You get to design the life you want and create the context of your own life. In this video, Leonie takes us on a journey as to how we can design our own context.  Would you like to be something different than the husband or wife, and even the divorced person?  What if you became the painter? Or the dancer, or the chef, or the student (again!)  Take a listen to this and see how you can design

About Leonie;

Leonie is a Registered Pharmacist (B.Pharm) with the South African Pharmacy Council and holds a  Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching (Consciousness Coaching International –CCI ). She is also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Leonie has 30 years of practise experience in Hospital and Community (Retail) Pharmacy, which includes the tutoring, mentoring and training of Pharmacy students, interns and nursing staff and receiving a national award for Excellence in Pharmacy from Life Healthcare (previously Afrox Healthcare)+21

Inspired and always passionate about supporting others not only with their health, but also their wellbeing and personal growth, in 2012 (at age 48), Leonie commenced with the ICF accredited coaching diploma course with CCI and qualified in August 2013.

She started her life coaching practice, Life Unlimited Coaching, in 2013 and with her full commitment, enthusiasm and passion, supports her clients in committing to, and consciously creating, an inspiring,  fulfilled  life of clarity, purpose and peace.  “It brings me great joy not only seeing my clients achieve their goals, but more so the person they become at the end of our coaching partnership. Every person is unique and has gifts and greatness within them to share with the world.”

Leonie fully and passionately embraces Life, her roles as woman, wife, mother, Pharmacist and Life Coach, and is driven by her commitment  to her own daily personal growth in order to share the very best of herSelf  with her family, clients, friends and everybody she interacts with on a daily basis.

“It is my firm belief that loving, conscious relationships, conscious parenting, and our full commitment to our own personal growth and evolution, is the key to a better, happier and more kind humanity that  we all desire!”

Leonie was born in East London, South Africa and,  since December 2000,   resides in Johannesburg, South Africa with her loving husband of 25 years, Gerard, daughter Lisa (25), a  medical doctor intern,  son Matthew (20), a  Computer Science and Information Systems student,  and their crazy, lovable Staffie, Diesel.

She continues to practise on a locum basis as a Pharmacist while coaching passionately  and also exploring   motivational speaking, creating parenting/relationship workshops and short inspirational videos to share on social media. “The possibilities for new learning, personal growth, creating and doing what we love is endless!”

Leonie’s philosophy for life is simple, “Walk Humbly, act with Grace, Love with all your heart and treat others as you  want to be treated ( give more of what you want to receive)………and make time for fun and laughter.”






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